A FRIEND'S RAGE FOR REVENGE PART 2

                                       (NO MERCY)







It's been two years since the death of Tiffany, his cousin, and his biological father (Big Snake). Tiffany's mother still blames Ty for her daughter's death. She figures if her daughter wasn’t with him then Blaze wouldn’t never target and kill her. Ty continues to struggle behind the death of so many people. He even hopes that one day he can find peace within himself to move on.


As Ty checks up on one of his warehouse, he find out that someone had written fake shipment papers with his signature. He then tries to find his cargo that he ordered but gets a surprising visitor instead.


Troy then tells him that he has some very important news, which will turn Ty's world as he knows it, upside down. Ty, Byron, and Kenny can't believe the news of what they heard so they investigated, and finds out the news was true.


This story has many twists & turns that's going to keep you guessing, It might surprise you as you get towards the end of the story. Is it Ty, his contacts, Reggie, who wants to take A FRIEND’S RAGE FOR REVENGE on certain people of interest. Or is it someone else that has no room for NO MERCY?


                                       Coming Soon!